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EVO station P6

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EVO station P6

Caratteristiche tecniche

Outer diameter: max 650 mm

Packaging: box

Scarica catalogo


Bestrap® PET GP

Great tenacity and low elongation: the intermediate solution between steel and polypropylene straps. It is ideal for any type of application that does not have particular requirements and is especially suitable for pneumatic or battery- powered strapping tools and with low tension semi-automatic or automatic strapping machines.

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It distinguishes itself for its high tensile strength and optimal elasticity, exceptionally low relaxation and excellent weldability. It is suitable for use on automatic strapping machines for a vast range of applications: PET bottles, cans, ceramics, wood panels, concrete products.

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A high quality PET strap with specific surface treatments, making it top of the range for high tension automatic machines.  

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An economical and practical polypropylene (PP) strap, ideal for a vast array of packaging demands. It is used in manual mode, battery-powered strapping tools and automatic machines.

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