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Specific solutions for all application demands

Thanks to an extensive knowledge of the market and our customer requirements, we design and build systems for the handling, protection and packaging of products in a wide range of different industries.

Iron and steel

Praim® for the iron and steel industry

Praim has always been a leading supplier in the iron and steel industry thanks to the development of relations and automatic packaging solutions for steelworks, drawing plants, tube production plants, service centres, mainly using Bestrap steel straps.

  • bars
  • tubes
  • profiles
  • tin plated band
  • flattened sheet metal
  • perforated sheet metal
  • round bars
  • strips
  • coils
  • grids
  • ingots
  • cast iron die casts
  • drawn wire

Praim® for the wood industry

A highly strategic sector for Praim, in which manufacturers of chipboard, MDF panels, sawmills and many others use top-of-the-range automatic strapping systems together with Bestrap PET and PP straps.

  • Panels
  • tables
  • trunks
  • plywood

    Praim® for the construction/building industry

    There are a variety of packaging solutions for this industry for bricks, tiles and cement products, mainly using Bestrap PET straps.

    • scaffolding
    • cement products
    • cast iron grates
    • corrugated pipes
    • ceramics
      Paper and cardboard

      Praim® for the paper and cardboard industry

      Praim supplies industrial solutions for the packaging of paper and cardboard in all industry applications and high performance machines mainly using Bestrap PET and PP straps.

      • corrugated
      • reams
      • binders

        Praim® for the food insdustry

        Praim supplies strapping systems for all products in the food and beverage industry, whatever the size or shape of the product.

        • fruit and vegetables
        • wine
        • fish
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