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Pneumatic strapping tool for steel


Strap type: Steel 19/25/32 mm

Strap thickness:

  • 0.6 - 1 mm regular duty 850 N/mm²
  • 0.6 - 0.8 mm high tensile 1,100 N/mm²

Max tension: 15,000 N 

Weight: 11.3 Kg

Joint type: double notch flush seal



Bestrap® R70

Certified quality and seal guarantee: it is the most economical steel strap on the packaging market.

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Bestrap® R80

Safety, certified quality and reliability: the most widely used steel strap on the packaging market.

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Bestrap® R80 HE

High elongation certified quality strap: the ideal strap for those who require high elongation with an optimal breaking load.

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Bestrap® R95 Super

Certified quality strap with high tensile strength and excellent elongation: the ideal solution for those who need high breaking loads.

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